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Ortega, Canossa and Associates, PLC hereby recommends a reliable source of information. Upon a few simple steps, it highlights members of Congress' votes on previous proposals of new immigration laws. Supporting citizens in turn can make an informed decision regarding their vote.

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Constituted by the Senate and the House of Representatives Congress has all the legislative power to create new laws that could make a positive change in immigration policies. Elected officials must be vigilant about their voters' views. Ortega, Canossa and Associates, PLC hereby offers a reliable source to contact congress.

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In order to establish and maintain a humane and just immigration system members of the immigrant community must remain vigilant, educate others, create the news. In turn, more members of the public will get involved, contact congress, or most importantly vote.

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Getting involved is key for individuals interested in promoting reforms within the immigration system. The following are recommended links to organizations that promote immigration reform and through which you can provide your support:

National Immigration Forum Action Center - More Info

America's Voice Action Center - More Info

American Immigration Council ("AIC") - More Info

Center for American Progress Immigration Issue Web Page - More Info

At Ortega, Canossa and Associates, PLC we understand the importance of making informed decisions.  In turn, we hope that the supporting public will get involved, contact congress, contact the media or most importantly vote, vote for members of congress and a president that will support a system that will recognize the need for skilled workers and uphold family unity.

Ortega, Canossa and Associates, PLC offers its own compilation of documents regarding immigration reform, immigration news, immigration views and history, and a children's awareness page.  In addition, the following links will provide reliable information regarding the latest developments in immigration laws and enforcement.

EOIR Press Releases - More Info

US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit Opinions - More Info

USCIS Press Room - More Info

ICE News Releases - More Info

DHS News - More Info

AILA Press Room - More Info

National Immigration Forum Press Room - More Info

Reform Immigration for America Press Releases - More Info

America's Voice Press Room - More Info

Center for American Progress Immigration Issue Web Page - More Info

IPC Newsroom - More Info

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