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EOIR Press Releases

The Executive Office for Immigration Review ("EOIR,") as an office within the United States Department of Justice is composed by United States Immigration Courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals. EOIR's mission is to adjudicate immigration cases, while ensuring due process and fair treatment for all parties involved. Find in this site: EOIR Press Releases Listed by Subject and EOIR Press Releases Listed by Chronology.

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Agency Opinions

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' mission is to provide an impartial forum for the just resolution of legal cases through the uniform and coherent application United States' laws.

USCIS Press Room

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services ("USCIS") is a component of the Department of Homeland Security. It is the government agency that supervises legal immigration to the United States. The USCIS is required to establish policies that will preserve this country's legacy as a nation of immigrants while assuring that no threat to the public safety is admitted. Subscription to USCIS E-mail Alert is available.

ICE News Releases

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE") is a component of the Department of Homeland Security. Its mission is to protect national security, enforcing United States' customs and immigration laws. Up DHS Press The Department of Homeland Security ("DHS") is responsible for providing immigration services and benefits includitng naturalization, legal permanent residence and work authorization. It is also responsible for the enforcement of immigration laws. Subscription to DHS E-mail Updates is available.

AILA Press Room

The American Lawyers Association ("AILA") was established to promote the quality of immigration laws and practice. One of AILA's goals is to educate the public about the importance of reunificating American families, protecting refugees, and providing U.S. employers with the specialized skills they need to remain globally competitive. Find in this site: the American Immigration Lawyers Association Press Releases, AILA Correspondence, AILA Mythbusters!, AILA Public Service Announcements, AILA on the Air, AILA Twitters, and AILA Leadership Blog. Subscription to AILA Recent Posting Alert is available.

National Immigration Forum Press Room

The National Immigration Forum is an immigrant advocacy organization that promotes the value of immigrants and immigration in the United States. It seeks to use its expertise in the creation of a more welcoming nation that treats newcomers fairly. Find in this site: Press Releases, Press Clippings (highly recommended), Telephonic Press Briefings, Transcripts of Telephonic Briefings and National Immigration Forum in the News. Subscription to National Immigration Forum Updates (highly recommended) is available.

Reform Immigration for America Press Releases

The Campaign to Reform Immigration for America is a united national effort that seeks to build support for comprehensive immigration reform that will protect fundamental rights for all. Find in this site: Press Releases and the Campaign Blog. Subscription to Campaign to Reform Immigration for America Updates is available.

America's Voice Press Room

America's Voice is a communications campaign that seeks to build public support and political power in support of the enactment of comprehensive immigration reform. It supports a "common-sense" immigration reform that will restore the rule of law and provide earned citizenship for millions of immigrants. Find in this site: Press Releases, the America's Voice Blog, Facts by America's Voice, and Polling by America's Voice. Subscription to America's Voice Updates is available.

Center for American Progress Immigration Issue Web Page

The Center for American Progress' work builds upon progressive ideals. It explains that as progressives, its members believe that the United States is a land of opportunity, where individuals, families and communities can better themselves through education, hard work, and the freedom to climb up the economic ladder.

IPC Newsroom

The Immigration Policy Center ("IPC") is a division of the American Immigration Council ("AIC"). It provides the general public access to accurate information about the consequences of immigration on the U.S. economy and society. Find in this site: Media Highlights, IPC Press Releases, IPC Research and Publications, Immigration OnPoint, and IPC Blog. Te IPC has also created the blog. Subscription to IPC Mailing List is available.

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