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National Immigration Forum Action Center

The National Immigration Forum is an immigrant advocacy organization that promotes the value of immigrants and immigration in the United States. It seeks to use its expertise in the creation of a more welcoming nation that treats newcomers fairly. In your effort to get involved you can visit the National Immigration Forum Action Center, sign on the Campaign to Reform Immigration FOR America, subscribe to receive National Immigration Forum Updates, read the National Immigration Forum's Press Clippings (highly recommended), or you can Donate to the National Immigration Forum. Please note that the National Immigration Forum offers a full report on how your contribution will be used.

Reform Immigration for America Action Center

The Campaign to Reform Immigration for America is a united national effort that seeks to build support for comprehensive immigration reform that will protect fundamental rights for all. In your effort to get involved you can visit the Reform Immigration for America Action Center, subscribe to receive Reform Immigration for America Updates, Tell Friends: We need to Reform Immigration for America, Send a Fax to Congress, Share Their Widgets on Your Web Page or Blog, read the National Immigration Forum's Press Clippings, or you can Donate to Reform Immigration for America.

America's Voice Action Center

America's Voice is a communications campaign that seeks to build public support and political power in support of the enactment of comprehensive immigration reform. It supports a "common-sense" immigration reform that will restore the rule of law and provide earned citizenship for millions of immigrants. In your effort to get involved you can visit the American's Voice Action Center, Tell Your Friends About America's Voice, Share Your Story with America's Voice, subscribe to receive America's Voice Updates, read America's Voice Press Releases or Donate to America's Voice.

American Immigration Council ("AIC")

The American Immigration Law Foundation ("AIC") is dedicated to increasing public understanding of the value of immigration to American society, and to advancing fundamental fairness and due process under the immigration law. The Immigration Policy Center ("IPC") is a division of the AIC. Find in this site: Media Highlights, IPC Press Releases, IPC Blog, subscribe to the IPC Mailing List or Donate to the American Immigration Law Foundation. The AILF offers a financial data report.

Center for American Progress Immigration Issue Web Page

The Center for American Progress's work builds upon progressive ideals. It explains that as progressives, its members believe that the United States is a land of opportunity, where individuals, families and communities can better themselves through education, hard work, and the freedom to climb up the economic ladder.

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