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Ortega, Canossa & Associates, Plc

Ortega, Canossa and Associates, PLC practices exclusively in the area of immigration law.  We provide individualized and competent legal counsel and representation to business and individuals seeking to obtain Immigration benefits in the United States.

Mission Statement

At Ortega, Canossa and Associates, PLC we seek to guide and support businesses in the procurement of the best human resources solutions available in a global economy. We also strive to uphold the integrity of American communities and above all promote family unity.

Practice Areas

Ortega, Canossa and Associates, PLC provides zealous legal representation at all levels of the United States Immigration System.  We represent business and individuals before the United States Department of Labor, United States embassies and consulates, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, the Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals and Circuit Court of Appeals.

Ninth Circuit

Court of Appeals Practice

Board of Immigration Appeals Practice

Immigration Court Practice

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service Practice

U.S. Embassy and Consulate Practice

Immigration Cases Involving Other Legal Issues

In some instances, other fields of the law such as criminal, family or probate law may become an important part of an immigration case.  We therefore work closely with other members of the legal community to ensure that clients with special circumstances obtain complete legal counsel.  We often reach out for experts in the family and criminal fields of law to assure that all aspects of our immigration cases are being handled.

Pro Bono Program

At Ortega, Canossa and Associates, PLC we are socially conscious and culturally aware. We understand the financial restraints of some of our clients. We have outreach programs for the less privileged members of the immigrant community in the United States. We provide free legal counsel to deserving individuals who are indigent or without any source of financial support. We also provide representation for a reduced fee to deserving individuals who may not afford complete fees. Read More

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